How can I Know if My personal girl is merely Flirting for Fun?

Reader Question:

How would I’m sure if my personal gf is merely „fun flirting“ or if perhaps she doesn’t love me any longer?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Professional’s Solution:

Hi Colin,

Exactly what an interesting question. When we were having a two way dialogue, I would personally want to know for a lot more details. But since this is me personally practically composing you a letter, i am going to have to use my personal imagination and cognoscente creativity. I’m presuming both you and this girl are unique. (In case you aren’t unique, then you certainly don’t can stress about the degree of flirting the woman is doing.) OK, so if we’ve developed your couple are exclusive along with your girlfriend is hugging, holding arms with, whispering to and giggling at every little thing your own 10 best guy buddies say, next „Houston, we’ve a problem.“

This is of flirting is always to „behave like drawn to or trying to attract somebody, but also for entertainment versus with significant purposes.“ Although your gf does not plan on actually creating on with or fast asleep with the guys she flirts with, it’s still hurtful for you – regardless of the amount of flirting it’s. Chances are high, she does not even realize she’s carrying it out. Very stay the lady down and inform this lady about how it makes you feel. If she listens and puts a stop to flirting along with other men, next she cares for you. If she goes on the woman fun flirty methods, then it’s quite possible she actually is perhaps not prepared settle down.

Thanks for reaching out,


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